Vector windows build day

Another fun bunch to work with today out on the build site! Vector Windows gives their employees one community service day per year. How cool is that!

Thank you to Gary, Brittany, Steve, and Kelly for choosing FF Habitat for their service day! They installed the windows today, fitting for Vector Window employees!

Also, The ENTIRE set of windows for the house were donated by Vector Windows! That's a major financial gift to our non-profit mission. It helps the dollars we raise to go further and support more families in our area to own a decent, affordable home.

2019 Habitat Home Finished! Virtual Tour

Megan - long form.mp4

Butenas family story

Hear Megan and Frank Butenas, 2018 Habitat Family, tell their Habitat story.

They are joined by Megan's parent's Rudy and Adelle.

Congratulations Megan!

Habitat ad - Megan.mp4
habitat for humanity promo Final.mp4